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Harmonisierung durch Meditation. Finden Sie Ihre Mitte und innere Balance.

Einführung in die Meditation - Gemeinsame Meditation

Einzelsitzungen oder auch Gruppensitzungen.

Melden Sie sich einfach telefonisch oder per E-Mail an, um einen Termin zu vereinbaren.

Die Meditation wird für Sie kostenfrei angeboten. Sie geben, was es Ihnen wert ist.


Taking the waters with Ayurveda at the Baltic Sea

You want to enjoy an Ayurveda cure in healthy climate between Baltic Sea and bays and the scenic landscape of the peninsula Fischland-Darss Then, come to Wilhelmshof: We care for our guests fondly and personally and help to regenerate life energy and recreate harmony between body, spirit and soul.
We are a small house that, in particular, attends to medical condition and troubles of Ayurvedic guests. Due to a maximum of 10-12 cure guests we guarantee for an individual and very private atmosphere.
Our therapies and medical treatments base on the healthy doctrine of Ayurveda that attends to harmonise the imbalance of life energy. Individually appropriate nutrition as effective medicine belongs to this doctrine as well as refreshment of life strength by salutary digestion. Furthermore, way of living and techniques for relaxing like yoga, meditation and breathing exercises play a decisive role. Self-healing powers become active, toxins will be eliminated and endorphins produced.

Upanahasveda - R?ºckenbehandlung Upanahasveda - R?ºckenbehandlung1 Shirodhara - k??niglicher ?ñl-Stirngu?ü
Ayurveda treatments succeed with rheumatic diseases, gastro-intestinal diseases, skin diseases, chronic inflammation of paranasal sinuses, asthma and allergies. Relaxing and pleasant oil massages are a boon and blessing for your senses and body, especially helpful for all kinds of diseases that base on stress, e.g. nervousness, exhaustion, burn-out, migraine, depression and insomnia.
Due to Ayurveda health does not only mean absence of illness but much more. Aim is a permanent state of inner happiness. We want you to find out your individual nature, to be consistent with it and to give you a concept to integrate in your daily routine. Our treatments (massages, movement, exercises for your body, breathing and meditation) are an effective way to combine body and soul and to experience the flow of energy with all senses.
Please note that Ayurveda is no miracle cure or magic bullet. For acute diseases you still need Western medicine. Ayurveda cannot replace scientific medicine. Our treatments prevent you from acute diseases and medical condition and recharge your batteries.
Cure programs are completed by vespertine lectures and talks that teach you Ayurvedic way of living and wisdom and philosophy. You will get hints and proposals for being in self-harmony in every-day living at your home.

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