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Harmonisierung durch Meditation. Finden Sie Ihre Mitte und innere Balance.

Einführung in die Meditation - Gemeinsame Meditation

Einzelsitzungen oder auch Gruppensitzungen.

Melden Sie sich einfach telefonisch oder per E-Mail an, um einen Termin zu vereinbaren.

Die Meditation wird für Sie kostenfrei angeboten. Sie geben, was es Ihnen wert ist.

Pancha Karma means literally five activities that mean the five elements. This stands for intensive cleaning of the body interior, purifying, rejuvenation, prevention and revitalization. Imbalances will be adjusted for keeping vital force, health and vitality. Refuse material and toxins block the tissue and energy channels in our bodies.
During the first three days of pancha karma cure body's own toxins and environmental toxins that have accumulated in body tissues will be dissolved. After that the toxins will be removed gently. After purification and removal an individually adapted program with specific treatments follows to redress and establish the balance. When the body is in a state of smooth communication it can use its natural intelligence for relaxing and regular functioning.
The esoteric purification of Pancha Karma cure is long-lasting. Body and soul do work again on a healthy well-adjusted level. The effect of this cure will lead you again to your own source that gives you vitality, health and joy. Profound changes always start inside. That means a cure presents an effective way to vitality, freshness and catharsis up to ripe old age.
Each of Ayurveda treatments are exercised genuine. Our therapists and masseurs are characterised by highly professional qualification and their affectionate and friendly manner. An Indian and a German alternative practitioner who have long-lasting Ayurvedic experience accompany the cure. Our Indian Ayurvedic cook caters for your physical well-being. If desired he will arrange cookery course for you, too.

Ayurvedic massages and treatments

Abhyanga - Full body massage

Two or four hands massage your body with exquisite herbal oils. Afterwards sweat treatments.

Shirodhara - royal oil gush on one's forehead

A jet of warm oil flows smoothly over your forehead leads you in deep catharsis and gives you inner peace. A traditional treatment against melancholia and mental overload.

Padabhyanga - Ayurveda foot massage

Sophisticated massage grips and warm Ghee on your feet and calves make your body and head feel relaxed as well as your psyche and nerves.

Upanahasveda - Dorsal treatments

Ayurvedic partial body massage with regenerating herbage for the back and local sweat treatment.

Garshan - Massage with silk gloves

A full-body massage with raw silk gloves that activates metabolism and lymph flow. This treatment is good for the personal inner ease and vitalization.

Ayurvedic wellness und cosmetic treatments.

Shiroabhyanga - Head and face

Soft massage for face, head and neck. After complete catharsis your nerves feel regenerated and you are able to concentrate better again. This treatment helps you to get rid of everything.

Pindasveda - Beautiful and slim package

A purifying full-body treatment with small gauze bags and Ayurvedic herbage that vitalizes and tightens your skin. It will reduce fat and act effectively upon cellulite. Furthermore, you will get nutrition recommendation for weight reduction and toning your figure.

Annavijnana - Eat healthy to be a labour of love for yourself

Ayurveda nutrition and health consultation

Individual analysis of metabolism and constitution (Vata/Pitta/Kapha), personal coordinated nutrition and health concept, simple recipes

Holistic cure concept

Rasayana - Regeneration for body and soul

This intensive Ayurveda wellness cure with a special anti-stress program serves for holistic recharge of exhausted strength and for consolidation of health and lust for life.
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